Who Is The Right Candidate For Ketamine Infusion? -6 Key Signs

For years, specialists utilized ketamine as an anesthetic for soldiers on the battlefield and later for surgical operations. However, research demonstrates that this procedure can be highly effective in treating mental disorders when used in low dosages. Ketamine infusion therapy works by inhibiting the function of specific receptors in the brain that regulate cognition, mood, and pain. However, as with other types of medications, spring ketamine therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some individuals might not respond well to this treatment. Here are some reasons why ketamine infusion may be the right alternative for you.

1. You Have Treatment-Resistant Depression

When it comes to treatments or medications for mental health, it is common to adopt the “trial and error” approach, as not all medications work for everybody. Conventional antidepressants, or medications for anxiety, PTSD, or other mental disorders, only work for a small percentage of individuals. If you have unsuccessfully tried other medications, ketamine can offer you a solution you never thought you had.

2. You Want To Experience Relief Fast with Minimal Adverse Effects

Ketamine therapy works fast. Often, patients notice changes in as little as an hour after their session. While the infusion only lasts about an hour, this therapy has lasting effects on mood disorders.

Some patients report experiencing positive effects immediately after their initial dose, and some report an immediate decrease in thoughts of suicide or self-harm. Moreover, ketamine only remains in the body for a short while, so any side effects from the procedure, like nausea or dizziness, will not last long. You will hardly experience any allergies to ketamine.

3. You Are Committed to Your Treatment

Although some individuals experience significant relief from one infusion, most people must return for maintenance to maintain the outcomes. Although this level of commitment is not as big as with alternative treatments like talk therapy or regular physician visits for prescription medicines, it still requires dedication. If you have no issues attending regular ketamine infusion sessions, this treatment could be great for you.

4. You Want To Reduce Overreliance On Medication

If you are struggling with a chronic mental health condition, you might rely on medications to avoid negative emotions and thoughts. This over-dependency on medications leads to the opioid crisis in the US today. While ketamine infusion still uses a psychedelic drug, it does not have the same addictive properties as other prescription meds. 

5. You Have Serious Anxiety

Serious anxiety could be incredibly limiting; thus, having the alternative to address it quickly could be invaluable. As with treatment-resistant depression, some anxiety concerns do not respond to the conventional care solutions used. Ketamine effectively reduces serious anxiety, even for individuals who did not respond to other treatments.

6. You Are Not Ready To Cover The Cost

Ketamine is still not FDA-approved. For this reason, it is not probably the initial line of therapy. Most individuals try medications or other procedures covered by insurance before trying ketamine. Unfortunately, with ketamine, you will have to cover the cost yourself.

If you are struggling with a mental health issue, and cannot find a solution with conventional medications and standard therapies, you are not alone! Millions of people in the US struggle with similar concerns. Thankfully, ketamine infusion therapy is an effective alternative treatment for people who struggle with major depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and many other concerns. This procedure is highly effective and can offer longer-lasting effects than other prescription drugs. However, ketamine infusion is not appropriate for you if you are pregnant, have heart disease, or have other health conditions. Talk to your doctor to determine your eligibility.