Top Reasons to Invest More in Your Sleep Quality

How often do you toss and turn in bed, struggle to wake up, or feel tired in the morning? Everyone struggles with sleep difficulties, but it is frequent in others, which could indicate a sleep disorder. If you suspect it, a sleep lab Glendale visit can help uncover your problem and facilitate appropriate measures to improve your sleep quality. Spending a night under observation may seem unnecessary, but a thorough diagnosis is critical as you strive to improve sleep quality. Among the contributions that emphasize the need to invest more in your sleep quality include the following:

Immunity concerns

Adequate sleep translates to fewer illnesses. Your immune system produces cytokines when you are asleep, a protein that also promotes quality rest. Cytokines are essential in fighting infection and inflammation and help when you are under stress. As more is released in your sleep, the increased levels mean you won’t often catch the flu and other infections easily. When ill, you will also recover much faster and without severe symptoms. With sleep deprivation, cytokines decrease, making you vulnerable to routine infections, translating to more sick days.

Weight management

Your weight gain struggles could be due to a lack of enough sleep. Lack of sleep can increase ghrelin levels, a hormone that increases your appetite. It also leads to lower leptin levels, a hormone that is responsible for the fullness feeling. This means you are likely to eat more, which doesn’t help your weight loss quests, even following a strict diet. Adequate sleep translates to eating less as it promotes a better hormone balance, favoring your weight management efforts.

Mitigate severe health issues and risks

Sleep deprivation does more harm than weight gain, increasing the risk of various chronic conditions. When you sleep, your blood pressure drops. If you don’t get adequate sleep, the blood pressure stays high for extended periods, affecting the blood vessels and leading to other severe cardiovascular concerns, including stroke and heart disease. You are also at an increasingly high risk of diabetes since lack of sleep contributes to insulin resistance. This means you will often feel hungrier, and even after eating, the resistance affects how full you feel, which is likely to drive you to high sugar and carbs diets. Quality sleep helps mitigate such risks, making it easier to lead a healthier life.

Better mental health

Lack of sleep makes you feel foggy and easily irritable the next day. This can significantly affect your productivity and puts you at high injury risks, such as auto accidents due to drowsy driving. When lack of sleep becomes a norm, you risk developing stress, anxiety, and depression. You will have a hard time getting along with people, struggle to go about your daily activities, and, as your productivity dwindles, develop severe mental problems. Quality sleep helps your brain unwind and refresh your thoughts, which improves your mental wellness.

Investing more in your sleep, including sleep studies, can help ensure you get quality rest, helping you lead a healthier life. Visit Sonoran Sleep Center for all your sleep-related needs.