Talkspace vs. BetterHelp – Which should you opt for?

The latest ways of seeking therapy is right on your smartphone device. Sometimes you won’t have enough time to sit at the office of the therapist and otherwise, a text message won’t do and you just require being within the same room along with your online therapist. There are many times when a text message can work but these new services have come in handy. These technologies make the therapy accessible to everyone including all the people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression.

If you’re wondering about the best apps that you should install in your smartphone to seek help of the best e-counselors in the world, you can take into account Talkspace and BetterHelp. Let’s discuss about the different types of services offered by the two aforementioned apps.

Talkspace – What is it all about?

This is probably the biggest one in the market at the present moment and they claim to have more than 500K people added to their platform. Talkspace offers both web and mobile platform which promises to help you get in touch with one of the 1000 therapists instantly. The process of signing up is frictionless and the conversation can be started off right away. Once you’re done with creating an account and beginning a conversation, you have to fill out a form. This is a basic part of assessment which you might even have to do in case you were visiting the office of a therapist.

The person with whom you initially talk will find the right match for you after he asks you about few questions. Since that point, you can expect getting the best form of assistance. You can basically start off by sending video and audio messages. The cost is reasonable enough and it starts at $32 in a week and there are few concerns on the policy of privacy of the website.

BetterHelp – How do they work?

The ultimate promise is to offer people access to good quality professional counselors whenever they’re facing challenges in your life so that they can lead a happier life. With BetterHelp, the assessment was done in a proper way and you had to interact with the app or website. You can start chatting with any of the therapists and decide whether or not this is the perfect match for you. The conversations will be real-time and for this you will have to wait for a response to come back. The therapist will help you deal with any stress and anxiety issues.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the differences between Talkspace and BetterHelp, you can take into account this guide before signing up so that you can get on top of your health.