Science Friday

It is geared to provide a scientific platform for creating a science-driven technology-economics-policy interface. This video celebrates #worldquantumday 2022 by introducing quantum science and its impact on society. It also options the voices and tales of many scientists and educators contributing to the means Science ahead for quantum info science and technology. An historic bout of worldwide warming fifty six million years ago that acidified oceans and wiped-out marine life had a milder impact within the Gulf of Mexico, where life was sheltered by the basin’s distinctive geology.

  • Dr. Kogan is making an attempt to tell medical doctors about cannabis’ potential as a medical treatment for illnesses starting from most cancers to Alzheimer’s.
  • Find every thing you need to choose the journal that’s best for you in addition to information about publication fees, metrics, and other FAQs here.
  • During the mid-19th century, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace
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