The city of Alexandria in Egypt, established in 330 BCE, became the successor to Athens as the intellectual cradle of Ancient Greece. There, the great Library of Alexandria was constructed within the third century BCE. European civilizations suffered a collapse of literacy and organization following the fall of Rome in CE 476.

  • Some education systems have separate middle schools, with the transition to the final stage of secondary education happening at around the age of fifteen.
  • The present version ISCED 2011 has 9 quite than seven levels, created by dividing the tertiary pre-doctorate stage into three ranges.
  • Much of modern conventional Western and Eastern education is predicated on the Prussian education system.
  • The world campus on-line, led by American universities, permits free access to class supplies and lecture recordsdata recorded during the precise classes.

Each discipline normally has a quantity of sub-disciplines or branches, and distinguishing traces are often each …

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