Risks Factors That Epilepsy Presents

Epilepsy is a disorder that causes disturbance within the brain’s nerve cells, which results in seizures. Some seizures last for a few seconds, while others last for several minutes, and they require different treatments. Since it can be hard to determine the kind of seizures you have, you should consider seeking professional help. Since epilepsy dallas causes involuntary convulsions, it is a risk to your health in several ways. In fact, there are activities that you may not do unless you consult a physician. Here are five ways the illness poses a danger to your life.

You Could Drown

Drowning is a high-risk factor, especially for children aged 0-14 and seniors aged 65 years and above. Drowning does not have to happen in a swimming pool; it can also occur in a bathtub.

Although there are potential drowning risks, the person with epilepsy does not have to give up on swimming. They need first to consult a doctor on the matter. Doctors will need to determine how frequently the seizures occur. If they are not that frequent, your physician will prescribe some anti-seizure medication and dictate how often to take them. However, if the epileptic attacks are frequent, your doctor may advise you not to swim.

You Could Be Involved in a Road Accident

Epilepsy presents symptoms that make it hard for you to continue driving. First, it causes you to have stiff muscles, which means you cannot flex your arm to control the steering wheel. Also, epilepsy makes you experience confusion which means you will not understand that you are driving.

Due to the risk, most states impose restrictions on when they can drive. You can only be allowed to drive if you have not suffered seizures within a year and are on constant medical supervision.

You Can Suffer a Head or Bone Injury

People with epilepsy need someone around them to cushion their fall in case the seizures occur. With no one to lie them gently on the ground, they can land on their head and suffer serious injury. Some complications that occur with head injuries include cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage, organ failure, and tinnitus.

As for bone injury, they are likely to injure their spines. You can heal minor spine injuries through medication and rest. However, if you fall so hard on your back, you may experience paralysis or nerve damage.

You Can Suffer Risks During Your Pregnancy

The woman and the baby can face risks such as stillbirth, hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and maternal mortality. That means the woman who wants to get pregnant must first speak to a doctor.

The doctor will ensure you give birth normally by giving you medication and monitoring your pregnancy’s progress.

You Could Get Mood and Behavior Disorders

The most common disorders epileptic people get are depression, anxiety, and dysthymia. They occur due to the person’s inability to deal with the condition. Also, some may be affected by side effects from their medications.

Hopefully, you have understood the importance of going to an epilepsy center. Some people think epilepsy only causes seizures, but as we have seen, there are other challenges it causes. If you have this condition, you may lose hope and wonder how to live with it. You do not need to worry about that since doctors will give you the appropriate medication and counsel you. If you know any epileptic friend or relative, you can assist them by encouraging them to visit a doctor.