Is There Really an Ideal Body Type for a Woman?

Over time, different shapes have been coined as the ideal body type for women. As time passes these expectations tend to change and a new perfect body type emerges. All bodies are beautiful, unique and come in different shapes and sizes.  One great thing about body shapes is that you can change them. Sometimes, people will admire a body type that is different from their own, and with the right diet and exercises, they can achieve it within weeks.

To get a particular body type, not every diet or exercise will work for you. There are different diets for different results. To know the best one to follow for the body you desire, check out to read what people have to say about different dietary products.Before deciding on a body type, you should know how they look and what they are called. The most popular body types include:

Hourglass Figure:

Here, the lady’s hips and bust will be of almost the same size. Their waist will be quite thin while their shoulders are a bit round. The lady will literally look like an hourglass. This is one of the most appreciated body types, and most female clothes, cartoon characters, and toys are made to fit into this category.

Rectangle or Banana Body Type:

Here, the lady’s hips, bust, and waist will be about the same size. It is also called the straight body type. Many ladies strive to get this figure and will look more flattering when wearing a tube dress or off-shoulder blouse.

The Round Body Shape:

Ladies like this will have busts that are bigger than the rest of their body. Their stomach might be full but their hips are usually thin. They tend to walk confidently and can be admired from afar. This is also a highly sought-after body type that looks great in peplum blouses.

Athletic Body Type:

True to its name, most ladies that have this are usually very athletic. They are muscular but without any obvious curves. They are sometimes likened to the banana body, but the difference is that the waist will be thinner than the shoulders. Many ladies will hit the gym just to have this body type. They look great in strapless clothes or halter neck designs.

The Pear Body Type:

The lady is likened to a pear because the upper part of her body all the way to her midsection is noticeably slimmer than her hips. Ladies with this body type will naturally want to show off their waist because of how nice it looks. This body type is also called the triangle body type.

The question “Is there a perfect body type for women?” is recurring but cannot get a definite answer. Not just because all bodies are beautiful, but also because people have preferences. You will often see women work hard to move from one body type to another. The perfect body type is the one you feel comfortable in.