Essential Questions To Constantly Ask Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nothing seems challenging like finding the best plastic surgeon, especially when you don’t want to suffer the consequences of a “gone wrong” procedure. However, considering the significance of seeking medical treatment to stabilize your condition, you should keenly select your provider. Most facial surgeries require professionals with expertise and experience to conduct your procedure safely and rule out the potentiality of complications. 

Fortunately, the Union Square facial plastic surgeon conducts your procedures professionally and ensures you enjoy tremendous results within a short duration. Usually, you can feel a little nervous during your first facial plastic surgery, especially if you don’t comprehend what the procedure entails. However, here are five essential questions you should always ask your provider before your procedure.

Now that I want to look younger, what procedure is right for me?

Facial plastic surgeons are experts who are qualified, certified, and experienced in performing various procedures to help alleviate your appearance. Though your appropriate treatment will depend on your needs and desired results, the facial surgeon will assess your situation before deciding on the right procedure. Typically, plastic surgeries include facelifts, eyelifts, mini lifts, and nose jobs. Regardless of the procedure you choose, you will achieve a younger and fresher appearance in the long run.

What factors can influence my surgical outcomes?

Besides choosing the best facial plastic surgeon, other factors can determine your surgical procedure’s success rate. These factors include age, skin type, nutrition levels, smoking habits, and overall health. However, following your provider’s aftercare instructions will reap incredible outcomes from your treatment.

What should I expect before and after plastic surgery?

Before your treatment sessions, you should book a consultation with your provider to determine the dos and don’ts of plastic surgery. Your provider can instruct you to quit smoking and keep off certain medications, especially those that can tamper with your results. During this session, you should ask for before and after photos to gauge the qualifications of your facial plastic surgeon. Also, after your surgery, your provider will outline guidelines you should follow for a quicker recovery.

Are there any potential risks or complications of this surgery?

Like other surgical procedures, facial plastic surgery carries minimal complications. However, these procedures don’t cause severe risks or complications which can impact your appearance. This is why you should focus on finding the best facial plastic surgeon, as their procedures have little to no complications. Before any facial surgery, consider asking your provider about possible risks or complications.

How can I prolong or maximize my results?

Besides providing you with top-notch treatments, your facial plastic surgeon will help you how you can maintain long-term results. For instance, if you undergo facelift surgery, you should avoid direct UV rays and protect your skin by wearing sunscreen or protective wear. Regardless of your surgical procedure, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to maximize results.

Considering how signs of aging and other imperfections affect your confidence, a facial plastic surgeon can undoubtedly provide lasting relief. By the end of the day, your surgeon aspires to leave you looking younger, fresher, and more attractive in the long run. Why live with imperfections when a facial plastic surgeon can remove many years from your appearance? Schedule your appointment today!