6 Homeopathy Facts you ought to Know

Many people often get confused Homeopathy with Ayurveda, thinking that they’re almost similar kind of medicine. Homeopathy a bit like Ayurveda is an approved sort of medicine that’s being practiced for many years, but both these methods are entirely different sciences. You might be having several questions regarding homeopathy. So in this article, Dr. Vishal who is working with one of the best Hyderabad based homeopathy clinic located in gachibowli.

What’s Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is basically a system of medicine created in 1790 by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann on the idea of his doctrine “Similia Similibus Curentur” which suggests “Let like Be Cured by the Likes”. This means that when a substance is taken in very small amounts it’ll cure the symptoms that it causes if it had been taken in large amounts. Homeopathy basically aims at stimulating the body’s immune system against a disease a bit like a vaccine. …

How to maintain focus on your diet routine

A major problem people are battling in the world today is staying away from unhealthy food. Everywhere we turn, there are several food types filled with fat and other ingredients that make them unhealthy for our health. It is believed that most health challenges that people go through are due to 3 major reasons: hereditary, not eating properly, and not exercising. It is also believed that with the right eating habits and exercises, the impact of several health challenges won’t be as severe and people can live healthy lives long into their old ages.

This awareness is increasing daily and people are now striving to take their health into their lives. People are now exercising more and striving to eat healthier. Many people have researched about different healthy diets and subscribed to the one they prefer the most based on the content of the diet and the expected results from …