Acrylic partial dentures and how it fits

Acrylic partial removable dentures are some of the most economical tooth replacement options available when you’re considering partial dentures. The denture teeth are set into an acrylic base plate using a fabrication method that composes of acrylic monomer and polymer that has been around for decades. Wire clasps are easily fixed into the acrylic base that can help in securing the partial denture to the teeth.

An acrylic partial denture can be a temporary replacement for the teeth which would be replaced eventually by more permanent replacement teeth. Acrylic partials designed digitally are a great alternative to traditional acrylic partials and ensure a precise fit by reducing distortion in the cast and design process. Acrylic Dentures can be partial dentures and can fit well in the mouth. They are one of the most economic removable dentures and the easiest to modify further if needed.

This can make it suitable to …