Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About Cryotherapy

Having abnormal tissues or genital warts in your labia, vagina, or cervix can be threatening, as it can even cause issues related to STDs and cervical cancer. Furthermore, these unwanted tissues cannot disappear independently and thus require intervention from a well-experienced specialist. Fortunately, marina del rey cryotherapy procedures use cutting-edge techniques to eliminate lesions or abnormal cells that pose a risk to your overall wellness.

Cryotherapy is a safe and result-proven procedure that freezes abnormal tissues. Let’s examine the answers to your frequently asked questions about cryotherapy.

How effective is cryotherapy?

Because cryotherapy uses advanced technology to freeze troublesome tissues, this procedure is ranked effective as it helps reduce potential complications after a few sessions. Although it can be used to freeze any abnormal cells in your body, cryotherapy is popularly known to remove genital warts, a severe sexually transmitted disease caused by HPV. While it’s a guarantee that you will experience positive outcomes after cryotherapy, the effectiveness of this procedure mainly depends on the number of cells you have and the size of warts. However, regardless of your condition, you will undergo several treatments until you get relief.

Who should undergo cryotherapy?

Freezing abnormal cells and gynecological warts can benefit people of all ages. If your pap smear detects any precancerous cells, cryotherapy will help you overcome them. Furthermore, if you have an abnormal growth in your cervix or labia and want to avoid surgery, this procedure can relieve you. In most cases, your provider will first asses your situation to determine whether you’re fit to undergo cryotherapy.

Will cryotherapy stabilize my condition?

This procedure is typically suitable for most abnormal cells and warts. However, depending on the severity of your condition, each treatment session will respond differently. Your specialist will perform a diagnostic test before customizing your treatment plan. By doing this, the procedure will effectively address and stabilize your condition.

Why should I invest in cryotherapy?

Unlike surgery, cryotherapy uses advanced technology to freeze abnormal growths in a safe procedure. Furthermore, the procedure is comfortable since your specialist will use a numbing cream to limit pain sensations. Also, cryotherapy doesn’t require hospital stays; you can go home on the same day as your appointment. Most importantly, the good thing about this procedure is that it doesn’t only remove abnormal growths but also prevents them from growing back. The healing process is also short, thus allowing you enough time to return to your daily activities.

Are there any possible risks and complications?

Like any other procedure, cryotherapy is also accompanied by some minimal risks. Although the complications aren’t guaranteed, the freezing temperatures may affect the adjacent normal skin. Some potential risks of cryotherapy include mild pain during and after the treatment, blisters, skin color changes, and skin irritation. However, the severity of your side effects will depend on the number of freezing cycles used during your treatment and the size of the treated area.  

Considering the risks associated with surgery, it’s worth investing in cryotherapy as it is safe and has minimal complications. Furthermore, cryotherapy is your ultimate solution if you seek to eliminate abnormal growths or warts for good.