Acrylic partial dentures and how it fits

Acrylic partial removable dentures are some of the most economical tooth replacement options available when you’re considering partial dentures. The denture teeth are set into an acrylic base plate using a fabrication method that composes of acrylic monomer and polymer that has been around for decades. Wire clasps are easily fixed into the acrylic base that can help in securing the partial denture to the teeth.

An acrylic partial denture can be a temporary replacement for the teeth which would be replaced eventually by more permanent replacement teeth. Acrylic partials designed digitally are a great alternative to traditional acrylic partials and ensure a precise fit by reducing distortion in the cast and design process. Acrylic Dentures can be partial dentures and can fit well in the mouth. They are one of the most economic removable dentures and the easiest to modify further if needed.

This can make it suitable to applications where the structure that supports the partial denture might change just like immediate partial dentures and transitional appliances. Acrylic dentures are easy to fit in and remove from the mouth. Besides, they are easy to clean and maintain as well. They are well- designed to match the existing teeth you have and can fit in well if metal clasps are incorporated to it.

Fitting of a Partial Denture

Partial Dentures fitting would solely depend on personal opinion and patient comfort. Different people have different ideas and how well something should fit and what would be comfortable to them. It is generally accepted that partials with metal frameworks fit more precisely and offer better efficiency while chewing.

The partial dentures are made of either some flexible material or all acrylic. However, some patients cannot tolerate the inflexibility of a rigid partial framework. Flexible partials lack metal clasps. This can be both good and bad. It is good for aesthetics and comfort. However, flexible partials won’t work well when used as a replacement for missing teeth. Partial teeth can help in improved appearance.

Hybrid partial dentures are another additional alternative. If you are used to wearing a cast metal, acrylic partial dentures might not be comfortable. Fabrication of hybrid partial dentures is possible – it consists of a wironium or titanium framework with thermoflex clasps or valplast elements in areas where hiding metal would be critical.

The professionals can successfully employ different materials using various combinations to achieve the most effective and aesthetic result that would not only offer comfort but be useful for the patient too. It can fit your mouth precisely and the strength of a cast metal framework can be gained as desired. Such customised partials can be the best of all possibilities and help in providing patients with a service that can be better and more comfortable for them.

Ask your dentist about the various services that you can opt for, such as acrylic dentures, partial dentures and so on. But keep in mind that anything related to teeth can be a sensitive issue. Also, replacing your teeth can affect your appearance. So don’t hesitate to select only the best dental clinics that offer the best dental services.