5 Tips That Can Help to Boost Your Recovery After the Breast Lift Procedure

Sagging breasts is one of the body changes that women encounter as they grow old. The female breast comprises ligaments and fat, which makes them strong. However, the loss of fat and reduced elasticity of the muscles due to aging causes the dropping of the breast. Women with sagging breasts usually have low self-confidence due to compromised body physiques. Fortunately, if you live with sagging breasts, you can reclaim their strength and shape through breast lift Fort Worth thus boosting your attractiveness. The following tips are crucial in enhancing your recovery after the breast lift.

Take Care of the Incisions

Poor hygiene on the operated breast region can trigger infections. Therefore, cleaning the surgical incisions and checking the infection signs is always necessary. A shower after the surgery is crucial, although if you have major surgery, the surgeon may recommend waiting until the strips are dry. In addition, you should avoid submerging the incision in the pool until the operated parts start forming the scabs.

Use the Correct Medications

Sometimes it may be tempting to take over counter medications to hasten the recovery. Nevertheless, it would help if you were cautious about your topical or oral medications. Be sure to inquire with the surgeon about the proper medication and the right prescriptions. For example, the specialist will advise you to take the oral pain medication for two to three days, after which you shift to Tylenol. During this period, your surgeon will require you to avoid the intake of certain medicines, such as aspirin, since they can cause blood thinning and bleeding.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your food choices dictate whether or not you will have a smooth recovery after the breast lift. For instance, limiting the salt intake will help to reduce the chances of swelling, thus facilitating your recovery. Additionally, increasing the proportion of vitamin K-rich meals such as eggs can help your healing process.

Engage in the Moderate Exercise

After your breast lift, it is vital to boost your blood circulation. How do you achieve optimal blood circulation for your body? Physical exercise is the answer, especially moderate exercises such as walking. While exercising, you should wear a supportive bra to ease tension on your breast, thus reducing the chances of other breast problems.

Stay Hydrated

During the breast lift procedure, your surgeon will use anesthesia to reduce the chances of discomfort. After the procedure, the anesthesia does not get out of your body immediately. Fortunately, drinking plenty of water will help to eliminate the anesthesia from your body, thus boosting your energy as you recover. Optimal hydration also helps to reduce the constipation that the pain medication may cause.

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