How much should I spend on an elliptical?

Ellipticals are the most used exercise machines as they are more effective than other workout equipment. People use these machines to keep their cardiovascular health balanced. With the help of this equipment, they can remain active and burn more calories without doing the high-intensity workout.

Anyway, as these machines come under various price ranges, people get fooled while choosing one elliptical machine. Even they don’t understand how much they should spend on the elliptical.

Below we will discuss in detail the features of an elliptical machine based on its price. So, it will be easier for anybody to create a successful budget before purchasing the elliptical machine.

Ellipticals for Beginners:

These kinds of ellipticals are manufactured for light usage. They are suitable for aged persons or people who do light exercise.

These machines tend to be compact and lightweight, and they allow users to get a few resistance levels.

Some entry-level ellipticals offer an average LCD and fewer built-in workout programs. But they don’t provide other essential features like added comfort, etc. And their prices range from 100 up to 500.

Ellipticals for Intermediate Users:

Mid-range ellipticals are mostly popular among workout enthusiasts. They offer a bit more than entry-level machines. They come with high resistance levels, advanced displays, incline options, more workout programs, heart rate sensors, and many more features.

They are suitable for serious exercisers for those who exercise regularly. These elliptical machines can provide users enjoyable workout experiences.

Ellipticals for Professionals:

These are high-end ellipticals, and they are made for advanced users. You may find these types of ellipticals at a high-quality gym. But they also come in residential versions. They tend to have elegant quality features.

Generally, they feature ten or more levels of magnetic resistance, high-inertia flywheel, excellent incline options, padded seat with backrest, padded handles with heart rate sensors, LED, or LCD with effective workout programs, and so on. As these ellipticals are built for professional usage, they tend to be pricey. Their prices range from 200 up to 5000.

How much should I spend on an elliptical?

Now, you have a general idea of which elliptical works best with whom. That means in terms of exercise; you need to consider your category before picking any elliptical machine.

If you are a newbie, we will recommend you to have a budget of about 150 up to 200. And if you fall under the mid-range category, then you can look for an elliptical that price ranges from 300 to 1000. For the last category, you need to have a big budget of about more than 1000.

Still, if you are a bit confused about how much you should spend on an elliptical, we recommend you to find the best elliptical machine under 300. This elliptical comes with all the features that can fulfill your requirements.


According to your budget, which elliptical machine is right for you, it depends a lot on your needs. Most people look for an elliptical for home use, and it may cost them around 300 to 1000.

But some people spend more than 1000 on their elliptical machines. Thus, we recommend you to sort your requirements first, and then do proper research or take an expert’s suggestion before picking one.

It will be best if you never go for an expensive elliptical machine without researching thoroughly. There are lots of high-quality ellipticals that come at a reasonable price. What you need to do is to select the best one.